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We had our mortgage service provider changed to Dovenmuehle in Feb. 2016. In March, 2016 the company stated they did another escrow on our property and found only then that our property comes with an extra lot that can't be sold or built on. This was in the negotiations back in November, 2013 as clearly stated on our mortgage paperwork signed by me and my wife. With an escrow being such an important factor, you would think a company would... Read more

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After losing my job i got behind on my payments and did a HARP refinance. After not getting any new payment info after making my last payment in the trial period I called and they said they hadnt ever recieved my last payment. After pulling the fedex tracking info while on the phone they finally admitted that they had recieved the last payment, but they processed it after the due date, even though they had recieved it two days before so the... Read more

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The company takes a long time to process payment and when the company do process it they will hit you with a late charge. My mortgage was bought by this company. The online payment is slow. I pay my mortgage online on time and they continue to charge me late fees Customer service is horrible, they are not friendly and don't care about the customers. I will report them to the BBB, federal and state housing agencies. Maybe a govt agency will... Read more

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Dovenmuehle was said to be the servicer of the loan at first and then later I was told to start making my monthly mortgage payments to NLS. I am now in foreclosure with a judicial sale scheduled. Looking through the records at the Recorder of Deeds website I see that Dovenmuehle had a hand in this same property before I bought it. It seems suspicious that they owned the property before and now it has fallen into foreclosure again. I am... Read more

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The company takes a long time to process payment and when the company do process it they will hit you with a late charge. This company is not i would not recommend for any outstandingly homeowners

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Dovenmuele Mortgage services my TX VLB loan. They are the worst at customer service, paying property taxes, and heaven forbid your late they start sending threatening letters and making threatening calls. I tried to explain and all they said was when will you make the payment. I sent my normal payment in and plan to pay the remainder of the late payment and fees in two weeks, but they rejected my payment. These guys are criminals taking... Read more

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payment website is less than optimal. I have had problems with it month after month, and it is not really automated, as if you need help with password or logon, if not during their business hours help is not available. That is not my definition of automated. They used to be really good, but the service has gone way down hill...why do you want 80 words? I can make my point in far less, but I will ramble on to make this thing happy Read more

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Why don't you all work with any of the government programs to help people that are in unforeseen circumstances. For example the HUD program, Keep Your Home California, or home strong. I call numerous programs which where given to me by your customer services, EDD, veteran services and personal search programs from google to yahoo. I personally don't know the politics behind any mortgage help program, but I do want to keep my house. The... Read more

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In addition to this web site, I can tell you the another way to address the many problems you are facing with this very disorganized company. Send your complaints to these two government agencies: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Or if your bank is a Federal one like "First Savings Federal Bank" file with: Comptroller of the Currency - Consumer Assistance group... Read more

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