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After not receiving any notice that they bought my loan I received a card saying I owed them 2 months payment. When I called to ask what happened I was told I did not owe anything. 2 weeks later I received a letter saying I was late and owed a penalty. In a follow up call I was told to ignore that and make the payment, which I had made. 2 days later a notice was placed on my door which we were told to ignore. The next week a notice of... Read more

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The ABSOLUTE WORST COMPANY! Awful consumer service, sneaky business ethics. They have a check for nearly $600 sitting in an account that cannot be cashed as it was issued to a divorced couple. One party refuses to sign the check and Dovenmuhle will not reissued two separate checks in equal amounts in the divorced couples name so the $600 dollar check sits in their possession, I am sure, with all the other checks of divorced couples that don't... Read more

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Worst customer service ever encountered. Worst online service..."account not found". Extremely poor at solving any issue. Worst experience with a company ever

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I just received a letter stating that this company is my servicer. However, the letter does not have my loan # on it and I called they are closed, I know they can not charge me a late fee for 60 days but they can still go on my credit report, this company is starting out with me on the wrong foot. I know people that work for servicing companies and they have advised me that she should have provided me with my loan # on the letter and if not... Read more

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I have been trying to get my payoff amount for almost 2 months. They have records of all 5 of my phone calls, but can't seem to find any of the 4 ways I have contacted them following all their directions including both our signatures. The last time I insisted that I speak to the supervisor and chewed his ear off with all the details of my efforts. More apologies later, he insisted that if I do the same thing again and direct it to his... Read more

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This company is HORRIBLE!! I am a victim of the flooding in Louisiana. Every creditor we called has helped by giving us at least 30 to 60 days to make some assessments. We were blessed not to have water in our home although our neighbors have 2 to 4 ft of water. However, our jobs are under water and roads are closed and blocked off. We would just like some sort of consideration in light of our financial condition at this time. I've been... Read more

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My mortgage was recently sold to Dovenmuehle Mortgage.There was no mail from either mortgage company informing me that my mortgage has been sold. Dovenmuehle Mortgage has since become a nightmare. I have made several calls to Dovenmuehle Mortgage regarding my July 2016 mortgage payment, mortgage insurance, and payoff loan balance. So far I have been pacified by customer service representatives at Dovenmuehle Mortgage, given the wrong... Read more

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My mortgage loan is almost 30 years old. Dovenmuehle has serviced my loan for the past 10 years or so. Since my balance is so low, I called Dovenmuehle to get a payoff amount, as I was writing a check off one of my credit cards. I called & spoke to a customer service rep and they won't give a payoff amount over the phone ! I never heard of such a thing. They insisted on sending a payoff statement in writing. This was 5 days ago and I am... Read more

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We had our mortgage service provider changed to Dovenmuehle in Feb. 2016. In March, 2016 the company stated they did another escrow on our property and found only then that our property comes with an extra lot that can't be sold or built on. This was in the negotiations back in November, 2013 as clearly stated on our mortgage paperwork signed by me and my wife. With an escrow being such an important factor, you would think a company would... Read more

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After losing my job i got behind on my payments and did a HARP refinance. After not getting any new payment info after making my last payment in the trial period I called and they said they hadnt ever recieved my last payment. After pulling the fedex tracking info while on the phone they finally admitted that they had recieved the last payment, but they processed it after the due date, even though they had recieved it two days before so the... Read more

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