With the recent drop in the economy, we attempted to stretch every pay check. We started making payments to Dovenmuhle every payday...the full payment was always recieved by the due date.

4 months after we had called to make sure this was an acceptable arrangement by their customer service dept, we were sent to collections for being delequent in our monthly payments...again which we weren't. After researching we found that instead of putting our bi weekly payments towards the mortgage, they were putting the money into our escrow account and allowing our mortgage to fall behind. This company does not provide what they preach.

they are not customer oriented, if they were they would be willing to work with their consumers and allow them to make bi weekly payments as long as the full amount is provided on time. Economy is changing but this company is stuck in the mud!!!!

Review about: Dovenmuehle Mortgage Mortgage.

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Westminster, Colorado, United States #1177071

I am with the same mortgage company. I was hoping to do biweekly payments.

I'm very glad I read this and now I know if I did that my money would be going to my escrow account not my mortgage. Thank you.

Arlington, Virginia, United States #798799

We are investigating Dovenmuehle as well. They claimed that they could process our loan payments to our lender twice per month which would allow us to pay off our mortgage 8 years early.

Months later when we checked our mortgage statements, Dovenmuehle had not been sending our lender the payments twice per month as promised, so it would not pay off the loan early as promised. They even charged us a fee for this twice per month service so this may end up in court.

Patton, Pennsylvania, United States #430375

It took alot of phone tag but they do offer it through a third party bisaver.com hope it helps and I agree they stuck!

to Nunya Westminster, Colorado, United States #1177073

How would I use this third party to pay Dovenmuhler biweekly payments?

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