I went through the same thing with Douvenmuhle in 2003-2005.After paying on my mortgage for 22 years and looking forward to paying off by 2009, Douvenmuhle took aggressive actions against me and forced me into chapter 13 bankruptcy to save my home.

My mortgage had originated from New Hampshire Housing Finance Company in 1979, through a local s&l, North Conway Bank. When North Conway Bank got in trouble in the late 80"s and early 90's, they sold my mortgage to Douvenmuhle. Douvenmuhle began to pay for my town property taxes through an escrow account I never had, when I was serviced by North Conway Bank. They did this for expediency, they said, and used a cd to transfer these payments to the town clerk ,along with other customer's taxes that they were servicing.

They increased my mortgage payment, refused payments and charged late fees,began foreclosure, so I hired a lawyer.He renewed the mortgage with them with higher interest and origination fees and then after all that, they refused to accept payments on the new agreement, forcing me back to chapter 13. During this time, I was assaulted and suffered a traumatic brain injury, and notified Dovenmuhle to activate the mortgage insurance I had been paying for 22years at 10-12 dollars per month on my payment. They chose to accelerate, which led to the second filing.

In bankruptcy court they did not file a timely claim, so did not become part of the plan. They continued to refuse payments from me outside the plan,and the petitioned the court ofr dismissal of chapter 13 because they had not been paid. when the date of the hearing on their motion arrived, their attorneys did not show up in court, and I moved for default for failure to appear as there was no continuation filed. The judge did not rule on my motion although it was obvious the lawyers CRAig, Wenners, & Craig were not in the courtroom,even though it was their complaint. The lawyers' office , a fact well known by the judge,was five minutes away. My home was two hours away, four hours round trip.

The judge, predictably, because it was the easiest and safest path for him, ignored my motion,and ruled in favor of the non attending plaintiff, and dismissed the bankruptcy plan because of non-payment to this creditor. I was lucky tp find a private lender,but now my mortgage payments have gone from the 253/month that I paid for 22 years, to 853/month. My expectations of finally paying down the principal, were dashed. I would like to find others with the same story to sue this bank for damages.

Review about: Dovenmuehle Mortgage Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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I am going through the same thing !!!! This company needs to be investigated by AG's office!!!


I have experienced the same problems as many: Dovenmuehle increased payments, did not credit property tax refund they received which I appled for, would not provide detail on "impound account" when I told them it was wrong and had already been paid, sent 4 notice of payment for same month in different amounts, and while trying to resolve what I owed, Notices of Default just rained on me (only one home and a stack of duplicate notices, all wrong from Trustee. I am filing in superior or perhaps Federal Court now I see this is a nationwide problem.

New to site so don't know how we can collaborate information to help each other.

Sacramento. Reply if you can to help build a case for all of us.


I work there and boy you guys hit it on the head , they don't care about anything other than what goes in the the owners pocket, I know people that have been here for 8 years and not once rcvd a single pay increase, *** they just rasied the ins rates on us cause the owner said the women here are having to many babies.

Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania #16638

I would go into what I experienced with this company but that is obviously unnecessary all I have to say is they managed my mortgage for the N.J. state police and firemen's pension Yes I am a professional FireFighter and this company sucks, letters of forcloser, disrespect, account screwded up, the phone game from collections,customer service,and loss mitigation,all had there heads up there anus, to many employee turn over's go figure well here is the facts the oldest mortgage management company just lost 6,000 that's six thousand mortgages they managed for New Jersey State because of there incompetence.


oh incase no one knew now you do they suck because the banking comission of a state say's so!!!!!!!!!

and I am lucky enough to be protected from these ***'s by N.J. state good luck all it was a hard 12 year's hope thing's work out.........

Bountiful, Utah, United States #10141

My mother had Dovenmuehle Mortgage after they bought out her loan from the previous loan company. They are hands down the worst mortgage company in the history of mankind.

They would charge my mother late fees when they had received the loan payment on time repetitively. We had to start sending her payments in certified mail with delivery confirmation. They still continued to charge her late fees until my sisters and I gathered all the information and had a conference call with them. There were many times when the payment had been received in one week and the check had actually been cashed by our bank and the next week a late fee had been assessed.

Finally a supervisor apologized and stated it appeared the "left hand didn't know what the right hand had been doing." It’s a shame a company that old and that large cheats people the way they do. Thank God her loan is paid off and we are finished with those people.

P.S. my cousin is a loan officer with another huge bank in Boston and states that they have bought several of Dovenmuehle's loans and they are one of the worst companies to deal with.

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