After being promptly paid $13K by my home insurer last October 2012 for damage to my home, I was required to send DM the insurance claim check (they were listed as a payee on the claim check). I followed ALL of their instructions and 7 months later I am still waiting for them to dispurse the money to me.

I finally reached out to Cole Taylor (my mortgage holder) and they quickly resolved the matter and had DMI send me the money.

DMI's customer service people are robotic, don't return phone calls, emails and sometimes don't even answer the phone! Forget about compassion too.

Monetary Loss: $13000.

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I recently had a toilet overflow. I too signed over a $29,500.00 check to Dovenmhule over a month ago. The actual damages to the wood floors were limited to 2 rooms. Our homeowners insurance is written to the effect that even if 1 square foot of wood flooring gets damaged the entire homes floors are covered in the claim and the settlement will pay for the entire house to be re-done. This is due to the nature of wood flooring being one continuous floor. (Doesn't make sense to me but I'm not going to argue about receiving the settlement money).

Anyway the loss draft department who I have spoken to 3 times now at length has held up even one cent being disbursed because the estimate to repair the damaged parts of the floor only totaled about $2000.00 leaving an excess of $27,500.00

I contacted my insurance company and was told that everything on my end was on the up and up. There is no insurance fraud that's just the way they handle wood floor claims.

I have decided not to contact the loss draft department anymore. They have every document they need. If they want to sit on the check and let it draw interest fine. I will be contacting an attorney to get some help in getting the funds plus any accrued interest released.

Dovenmuhle mortgage is a very shady operation.

to Anonymous #728388

Watch out for the insurance company!

Once they paid for your floor to be replace, and you don't replace it, THEY NO LONGER INSURE IT!

SO, you continue to pay for insurance on you whole house, but your floor is not insured, because you didn't replace it.

You mortgage is trying to protect their interest in "their asset", which is your house. Not replacing your floor is bad for them and YOU.

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