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Dovenmuehle Mortgage does not even own my mortgage account (I know this for sure; The account has never been sold) and yet they've reported to Equifax (and possibly the other agencies; I haven't checked yet) that I'm behind in my mortgage payments (I'm not - My lender automatically debits my bank account). Why the heck are they even reporting on an account that they don't own or service?

So now I have to file a dispute with Equifax and call my lender (who is not that easy to get a hold of) to see what the deal is.

I've never even heard of this company until I saw it on my credit report. As far as I know I have NEVER had any dealings with them.

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Dovenmuehle recently assumed my mortgages from my previous lender that went under -- I was never notified of the switch -- they just sent me a paystub booklet in the mail (sent to me in mid July and said that I needed to pay by June 16th or I would be late)! They were very sketchy about providing me with information about their take over of my loans and defaulted me.

I had perfect payment history for 4 year prior to that.

They are a crappy company with shady intentions. Beware!


Good luck getting Dovenmuehle Mortgage customer service and also what extension do you enter to speak to someone when all of their correspondence never includes a human beings name. My loan was moved to this company and I can't say it has been a good experience in regard to attempting to communicate with this company.

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