When I felll behind on my mortgage, I sent a letter in January to Dovenmuehle detailing the payment dates when I would correct the default of December, January, and February. I made the December payment on January 31 as promised in my letter.

I received a letter from them stating they accepted my January 31 payment (for December), but that I need their permission to make that January 31 payment. Their permission to correct a default? Like my mortgage is their money. What an arrogant company!

I guess they feel they have the right to be arrogant because they are so big in the mortgage servicing industry. Their customer service is the worst. I guess I am stuck with them.

God knows who has my mortgage. Sold off as a bond to some investor.

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I got a mortgage from Golden 1 Credit Union and these people "service" the mortgage. Apparently that means if I run into problems I am on my own. My credit union lists this mortgage as one of my accounts on line and takes a "transfer" from my account to make payment.

Recently my credit union forwarded a "payment" to this organization with out my knowledge or approval.The check was a deposit mailed to my account from a relative. They didn't even run it through my account first, just sent it on to these folks. Since my mortgage was current they are keeping in excess of $700.00 that I don't owe them. My credit union states they can't help me "because the servicing company has your money." And these thiefs won't give me my money.

Oh, they say they will, in fact they told me it was being reversed today. But since they say that everyday I call, it is an outright lie. When I asked for a supervisor I was given Antoinette Dix. Her manner of speaking leads me to believe she isn't very educated.When I asked for a confirmation email stating my money was being sent today she refused. Her specific words were "I don't send emails". Really? When I asked for her supervisor I was told I could have a voice mail.

DON"T ever get involved with these people.

to Cali818 #599281

Did you get your money? Of course you did. But that post doesn't go here.

to ? #599283

And to the original poster... If only it was as easy as sending a letter TELLING the people you owe money to how they are going to accept your payments.

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