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Dovenmule Mortgage Acct. #*******4023

Last year we where in the middle of a remodel of our home,we put in a new kitchen and a new french door off the kitchen. We didn't have the deck to the french doors installed yet. In the meantime I had received a offer from Liberty mutual for discounts on insurance,They where so much cheaper then my current company for my auto and my home that I decided to switch, not thinking about them coming out to check out the property, I didn't even pay any mind to not having the deck off the french doors yet being a problem, well because we did not have the deck they cancelled us. Well I called insurance company, after insurance company and NO ONE would pick it up until we got the deck completed. Well when we do upgrades to our home we do them as we can afford it, it took us a little time to get the money to put it on. We did not even put on what we wanted so we could get it done as soon as possible. Once it was complete we where able to obtain insurance. That was last January 1,. In the meantime Dovenmuehle put on there own astronomical insurance. They put 400,000 dollars worth of insurance on a house that we only owe 92,000 on. and are charging us 4000.00 on top of the 1900 we pay for our own insurance. They where suppose to stop charging us as soon as we obtained insurance. well they continue to charge us, we are paying, 1360.00 a month, our payment is suppose to only be 833.00 according to our Escrow account disclosure we received from them. It was suppose to go back to our normal payment 4/1/13, But the Payment coupon they sent me still says that I have to pay 1360.I called the company to see what they say our 4/1/13 payment is and they are still saying I owe 1360.00. But of course there is no one that I can speak with. I have read hundreds of complaints on this company, and it sounds like they are getting away with whatever bad business practices they want. I have called and all I do is get passed from one rep to another, in Feb. I called and told them I am going to lose my house if I have to continue to make these payments, that they where suppose to cancel the policy they put on when I obtained my own. They told me that it takes 30 days, that they have to give me a 30 day notice of change in my payment.

They are going to force me in to foreclosure. I can not afford to pay another 1360.00 payment, it is causing my other payments to get behind. I don't know what my alternatives are to get this resolved. Please help us save our home. PLEASE

Review about: Dovenmuehle Mortgage Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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