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We had an insurance claim on our roof and they cut the check to both me and Dovenmuehle Mortgage Company. They have held on to the money so long it is terrible.

It took nearly a month for them to get the first 1/3 of the payment to me and now that the work is done they expect me to pay the contrator and wait for them to send the insurance money to me....up to 8 days for their inspector to come out and then what another 3 weeks to hold on to the insurance money and pay interest on it while I am out of pocket $7,000?? Don't do business with them, its not worth it.

There answer to me, "I am sure it is frustrating, but this is our process!" Amazing. They deserve to go out of business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dovenmuehle Mortgage Mortgage.

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Report them to the better Business Bureau. They do seem to care about that.

It got their President involved in our issue. Still pathetic but better than 3 months!

to Annette Murrow #582494

Bet you had Debbie Olson!

:cry :( :sigh

I submitted a complaint to the Better Business Burea in the town where they are headquartered and that has helped a bit. When the BBB asked me how I wanted the situation resolved I said 1 - give me my money and 2 - please, please, please resell my loan!


Does DEMONmuhle answer to no one? I had the same issue with a roof replacement and all DEMONmuhle would say is too bad - we have the insurance money - go pound sand.

The MI state attorney generals office couldnt care either.

Finally 3 months later I am done and have been paid - I can't go anywhere else - every bank sells their mortgages to DEMONmuhle - and they know it. Further DEMONmuhle doesnt care about bad press as the US government just will bail them out again.

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