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We opened an insurance claim for our house. The insurance company has issued a check for us to get new siding and roof.

The check was issued directly to Dovenmuehle Mortgage for half the amount. We called Dovenmuehle to ask what we needed to submit to get the check so we could hire our contractor. We submitted all the paperwork they required along with the check so they could re-issue the check to us. Our bid from the contractor that we submitted states they need 50% down to start the job which is the amount of the check from the insurance company.

It has been almost 3 weeks and Dovenmuehle still has not re-issued the check for us. We called after they had received the paperwork and they said that we should have the check by that Friday. We called the following Monday because we never received the check and they told us we were missing paperwork. I don't know why they didn't tell us the first time, so we faxed them the missing paperwork (which we know we did send the first time).

Then they said we would have the check by June 29. The check never came so we called again. They said that it was a holiday weekend and they need a manager to sign off on it. Also, they told us that they will only give us 1/3 of the amount even though we need the whole amount for the down payment.

They have made getting our insurance claim done a complete hassel for something that should not be that hard. No one follows up unless you call them and they are not responsive at all. There is always an excuse why they didn't get something done.

This is the worst mortgage company I have ever worked with. I will seriously consider taking my mortgage somewhere else.

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Dovenmuelle or Village Capital seemed to be a great company to switch from Wells Fargo to their co pansy, until we were hit by a hurricane in September.The insurance company paid our expenses immediately but they wrote the check for my name and dovenmuelle. So the mortagae company kept 1200$ of my payment.

This was in September. I had to replace my whole roof. They didn't help at all and left it up to me to get the best price for the best roof. I (as a single woman felt totally alone).

Finally I found a roofing company within their pressure. My roof was totally replaced. I had quotes from 10k - 18000k dollars. I had to figure it out alone.Dovenmuehle or Village Capital left it up to me while the kept $1200 of my money back.

I finally found a great contractor and had everything fixed and yet Village Captial won't release my last 1,200$. I don't understand why they were even a second name on my insurance check and they took 2 months while my roof leaked to actually sign and send it back.

Now they are just stealing my1200$ for no reason. It's been since September, it's now April ....a government should be investigating this theft.


Exactly the same thing happened to me - insurance company paid promptly - DEMONmuhle only pays 1/3 - keeps the rest - I have to charge $4k on my credit card to get the job done - now inspection required by DEMONmuhle - not the insurance company - rest of 2/3 came 4 weeks later after they said the inspector never submitted the inspection - i had the inspectors phone number - called them - they were pissed to say the least and had a confirmation from DEMONmuhle a day after the inspection - 5 BUSINESS days later - per DEMONmuhle rules - i finally get the funds - after threatening legal action and copying a licensed attorney. Avoid DEMONmuhle if you can - funny sometimes you can't they buy everyones mortgage it seems


We have had an almost identical situation with our loss claim. I question if Doven muehle is stalling in payouts.

This should be looked at by governmental authorities.

I have no idea when we will get any money from them and I cannot finish my repairs until we get some of OUR money from them. They are very unethical and very poorly run or deceptive!


You should hire a licensed, bonded public adjuster to fight the insurance company. You're overmatched and emotionally invested.


We had a very bad storm in Michigan the day before memorial day which lifted my shingles and tore ip my siding. My house might have been built in the twenties but the previous owners and I have taken very good care of the place we call home.

I have to make an insurance claim the first I have ever had to make and I am very upset with.I call the insurance company and it takes them two weeks to get somebody out here to look at it. When they do the adjustor makes a date and time to meet me and look at the house gets here early. He tried to get here early to have his paperwork done before I or my contractor got here. Then he continued to say the work that need to be done , didn't.

Now it is the 14th of July and they want to give me less than half of the amount than needs to be done. Now I am seeing lots of stuff of qbe ripping off homeowners. Giving u the run around when you try to call them .

Watch out consumers. I am not going to settle for some half *** to bee done to my home

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