Dovermuehle mortgage processing service is the biggest mortgage FRAUD there is. But it does not stop there, the companies the use Dovermuehle as their processing center is aware of the shoddy back door practices that they use.

All to get the money. I am certain that any person that holds/has held a mortgage with United Financial Service understands the headaches you have dealing with Dovermuehle. It has now going on month 2 that I have been dealing with trying to get my insurance proceeds back from them. The roofing contracter have yet to be paid.

Roof was completed November, the plumber and electrician has refused to complete the job, because we are still waiting for funds from Dovermuehle. What a joke it is try and contact either company. If you are willing to wait for 45 minutes or more to speak with an inept worker that has as little concern for you and the next call waiting, then try your luck. You will see the only action is to re-finance.

Once they start losing money and mortgage holders, maybe then they will appreciate us more. We have already started the process of re-financing with another mortgage company.

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