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Dovenmuehle Mortgage, Inc. Lake Zurich, IL USA – Review

I worked as a Customer Service Representative their for 3 months. If you were unfortunate enough to have your loan sold to them run away and refinance.

The culture is stuffy corporate America and 90% female. I was temp-to-hire and never was a single minute late. It snowed a little bit one day and NONE of the supervisors, nor assistant managers showed up. They had a holiday meal, but no one told us where it was located in the massive maze of Kemper Lakes.

DMI direct hires get an initial 5 weeks of training, plus regular offers to learn more. Temps like me get 4 days training and one day of trivia questions and touchy-feely “What is your passion?” activities. They told us that we would not be thrown to the wolves, but on the next Monday, we were shown our cubes and handed headsets to take calls. I trained myself. I spent my weekends studying the very well written modules they gave us. They simply did not want to invest in a mere temp. I got a call from the Elgin manager. I was in after call. He asked if I was OK. He was worried about me because I was not logged in to take calls for “nearly 2 minutes!” Oh, my Allah!

We were supposed to take 75 calls a day. I hit 62 and then 69 and suddenly my calls were choked off. I’d arrive at 7:45 am and auto-in at 8:00 am. Every single one of the 80 other CSR’s were on calls. I asked why I was waiting until 8:11 am or 8:20 am each day to get a call. My supervisors did NOT like that!

If you are in-with-the-in-crowd you will be given the cushy “Assist” job. Since they bring in a new flush of new employees each week. The “Assist” reps are guaranteed to get the same questions over and over. They say “I can assist you with that.” Well, of course they can and in 30 seconds, since the new employees are all trained to the same point and ask the same questions over and over again. Bonuses are the carrot on the stick, but you’ll never get there unless you are “Assist.” They can dump a call in 45 sec. Start to finish.

Today I showed up for work and my key card didn’t work. I finally ferreted my way to my cube and my computer was disabled. The *** Man (a female.) pretended she didn’t know what the issue was, even though they had gathered to fire me the night before. The incompetent HR lady called Aerotek to tell them I was fired. I didn’t work for Aerotek. I’d never met the HR lady before, but she sends important emails every day. For example: “the right South exit door is leaking. A blue Equinox has its window a bit down in the N.E. parking lot. DMI swag is on sale today in the new lunchroom. We’re having a Christmas wreath contest.” You know, business critical things like that.

Some odd looking fellow with a long monk’s beard, whom I’d never seen before handed me a box of my things. For some reason, he felt the need to shake my hand 2x. The HR lady had tears in her eyes. Those don’t pay my bills.

I’d asked for my positive reviews, called “monitors” with smiley faces from my boss and scores of 90 to 100 percent, but all I was given were the coaching, i.e. negative reviews for things they’d never told me I needed to do. They said they contained loan specific info, but my supervisor. Had said I could do what I wanted with them. I should have taken them right away to prove that I was AWESOME.

Oh well, please work here if you want $14/hour for a couple of months, be monitored every moment and then be ousted by a socially inept woman who doesn’t even have the nerve to tell you what’s happening. She pretended the whole time that she was trying to get my key card fixed even though she had ordered it and my computer disabled the night before. At least Donald J. Trump has the guts to look you in the eye and say “YOU’RE FIRED!”

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I liked: It was close to home.

I didn't like: Meeting the hr folks for the first time.

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I'm sure there's more to the story. You sound bitter

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