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I have my mortgage through Dovenmuehle Mortgage. We have had nothing but trouble with them from the day they took over the loan.

They always send out a delinquent notice even when the payment is received on time. There is no communication between offices. Each customer service person gives different information on the status of the loan, sometimes even in the same day. They are impossible to work with because you can never get a straight answer.

If I had a coice, I would not do business with them. I have even filed a complaint with the Better Business Burea.

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They have been servicing our loan for over 10 years. I am a co-borrower on the loan however, they still do not have me listed - only my husband.

I talked to them about this over 10 years ago... STILL, I am not on the LOAN (so they say). Even though I have proof and sent them proof that I indeed am. The WORST COMPANY EVER.

this is just one of a huge list i could write.

They will also give you a late fee even if you are not late.

You will not get a return call. It is insane how this company stays in business.


I live all the way out in the middle of the Pacific I CAN NOT use the 1-800 number due to the fact that the Mortgage company has not authorized calls from Guam. I am trying to PAY OFF my mortgage and I am getting the complete run around. I tried to do a wire transfer and it was returned "Account Name incorrect" so again I will call at o'dark thirty, I am totally frustrated out here!


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I have been on the phone with these people for over 1/2 hour. I have been given wrong number to get information.

Phone numbers that are no longer in service. I just found out that they did not apply my last month payment to my mortgage and this month also... they are *** and don't care.

I hate this bank. I have ALWAYS paid my mortgage on time.


Dovenmuehle services my loan, though the note is held with my credit union. I never had a choice if Dovenmuehle would service my loan.

I have had many dealing with them. All these angry complaints are really because everyone is late on their payment, which is due on the 1st not the 16th.

Doven, is just fine, at least there is someone there who can help you quickly on the phone and who actually lives in the USA and speaks english. Just pay on time and you're fine.

Jet, Oklahoma, United States #202350

I am nervous reading these comments. I have a loan with this company too and I have to struggle to keep my head above water because they show no mercy.

My payments are due no later than the 16th. On the 17th I get the delinquency notice in the mail. I called them once to tell them I didn't have the full amount and wanted to know if I could send what I had and send the rest when I got my next weeks' check, and the woman told me I'd better get the money---go to my family, go to my church, but get the money. I struggled for a few months and next thing I know they're sending me paperwork from someone else for a loan modification.

I'm scared to get behind now. And the late fees are incredible.

For me, once a payment is considered late, now I owe two payments, even if it's a day late. I wish I could get away from them, and I'm sorry I gave my bank permission to sell my loan.

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